Tuesday, 27 April 2010

TBC Minutes, NPG, April 27, 2010

Attendees: Beverley Bennett, Susannah King, Paula Lucido, Paul Mendez, Elizabeth Oniri, Charley Peters(c), James Tuitt

Agenda by Charley Peters

1. Confirmation of The Crypt exhibiting artists

Beverley Bennett
Laura Davidson
Susannah King
Paula Lucido
Alex McIntyre
Paul Mendez
Elizabeth Oniri
Charley Peters
James Tuitt
Antonia Pilgrim Ward
Philip Weiner

Each exhibitor is due to pay £31.82. It has been suggested that if each member can find, for example, £100, including the fee to exhibit, it would constitute a good basis for a budget, in which case we would have to discuss seriously the idea of opening a joint TBC bank account with all members as signatories.

2. Consideration points for the exhibition after attending a PV at The Crypt last week – Laura and Charley

Private view catering
Exhibitor information pack – press release, price list, artists’ statements, business cards/postcards
Philip suggested as installation technician
Exhibition to be linked with The Big Draw; extra funding can be gained through participatory events with Camden council – Elizabeth to investigate
The Campaign for Drawing (http://campaignfordrawing.org/bigdraw/awards/aspx) awards £750 for the most outstanding Big Draw activities in thirteen categories, representing a great chance to bolster our funding and image
Eleven individual artists exhibiting in a space or TBC filling the space? A combination of both?
The catalogue – Kate Hatton, an art/design historian, has offered to write an essay. Given the emphasis on drawing, who, and what else, can be included?
12 Pages – explore Print on Demand/PDF on TBC website, and printing, in which case, an ISBN number (which can be bought) would enable us to register any publication with Amazon, Gardners, etc., and with the British Library. Moreover, the publication can then be referenced at any point, enhancing its academic credentials
Mailing list – Paula to co-ordinate
Sponsorship – Paul to manage
Branding – Bebe, Charley, James and Paul to liaise on possible branding concepts. It would be preferable that we agree on a branding strategy and style before canvassing sponsors, for example, with a TBC letterhead. This ‘look’ would homogenise anything to do with TBC and The Crypt exhibition, lending extra professional credibility
The group, together or in fragments, must visit the site as soon as possible. Aside from everything else it is inspiring

2ii. Feedback

All members to think about:

Possible title: ‘Drawing Through Conversation’. Discuss
Ideas for participatory events – start discussion circle
A draft proposal to send to potential investors
Shortlist of suitable contributors to the exhibition catalogue
Ideas for branding, and a corporate ‘look’

3. Proposals for the exhibition and title/online presence

Start a discussion circle on a suitable title for the exhibition
Beyond the theme of drawing, what common ground can we find within our relative practices?
Look into who has funded the Big Draw in the past, as potential investors in what I might, in the absence of a name for the show, refer to as TBC@TheCrypt
All members to come up with a short proposal for the exhibition, with a suggested title, for the next meeting
By the next meeting – Wednesday 12 May at the House of St Barnabas, 1 Greek Street, London W1D 4NQ – we should also have a brief for the branding to move forward with

4. Allocation of administrative tasks

This is a provisional allocation of important projects to be taken on by individuals and small groups in the lead-up to the exhibition, but should nevertheless be initiated as soon as possible.

Print and book-binding liaison – Susi
Gallery liaison – Bebe, Charley
Finance/budget – Laura
Branding – Bebe, Charley, James, Paul
Mailing list – Paula
Sponsorship – Paul
Publicity – Bebe, Charley
Private view catering – Paul
Events and Participation – Elizabeth
Catalogue – Toni


Agenda by Beverley Bennett

Publishing and Online Presence

Press release – this needs to be written as soon as possible. The Guardian and New Exhibitions expect submissions two months prior to the opening, i.e., by the end of July, so branding and publicity have to have hit the ground running well before then
A blog on AN could feature a countdown to the exhibition. With the blogger blog and projected Webbly site we should have a decent online presence, which should satisfy potential investors
Blog on AN, ArtReview to publicise our work in the lead-up to The Crypt, within these communities
Research stockists and independent book publishers
NING blog – Bebe has set up a TBC profile on NING, a Facebook-esque site for artists and art groups. It is by invitation only and is an ideal structure for sharing ideas and displaying work only for each other, away from the public gaze


TBC is a year old this month. Happy birthday to us!
Thanks to Bebe, Laura and Charley for their agendas and handouts, and Paul for the minutes
Toni’s Private View, Linea di Fuga, Space 2 Gallery @ Watford Museum, 6pm, Thursday 6 May
Next meeting – 6pm, Wednesday May 12, Quintessentially Soho @ The House of St Barnabas, 1 Greek Street, London W1D 4NQ. Tel: 0207 183 3900

Next meeting’s agenda, to be led by Paula Lucido:

Run through our 150-word proposals for the exhibition and possible titles
Discuss the brief for the branding of the exhibition
Fill in a google calendar with deadlines for admin tasks to be completed
Updates on ideas for events, sponsors, catalogue content/format etc. On this point, if anyone has a PDF of a book they want printing by lulu or blurb it would be a good chance to check out the quality of their publications.

And most importantly, we all need to wear something red.

Minutes by Paul Mendez and Charley Peters

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