Saturday, 28 August 2010

Previous meeting minutes

Agenda 11.08.10

TBC Delineation and group updates
- TBC is now on Twitter -
- Delineation is now listed on The Seer website
- Shortly to be listed in the print and web version of New Exhibitions

Delineation events programme AM, EO
- PM had a meeting with AMY TSCHUDIN to discuss the structure of the workshops with the buddy program.
- 3 sessions 2 to take place at the HOSB and 1 at the Crypt
- Sessions to take place from September to December
- 15 buddies to attend the programme
- PM, EO, AM, to curate the workshops. They will liaise via email / meetings
- Buddies to distribute drinks and invigilate the show
- A space to be created in the show to showcase the buddy programme / work
- Future TBC project 12 pages the buddy issue, documentation of the programme, statements to be filmed, etc
- PV invites wishlist

- BB provisionally decided upon a format
- 94 pages, 17 x 23, 7 chapters, contributors, silk finish, 150 gsm, 50+ copies
- Potential chapter to cover areas of the presence in drawing and gesture, language, representation, technology, performance, thinking etc
- General drawing essay
- It was suggested that maybe an outside voice is needed to write a chapter within the catalogue e.g an MA student, PhD student, Davinia Gregory, RCA student?
- Newgate Concise Ltd, 230 x 170mm £900 for 50 and £180 for 10 run-on (ie. £1080 for 60)
The price for an A5 version (210x148mm) is: £620 for 50 and £124 for 10 run-on (ie. £744 for 60) The price will get cheaper per copy if you order over 200 copies. N.B. an isbn is covered via the 12 pages budget not the catalogue
- Extra copies could be distrubuted via the TBC website or Amazon, if we have an isbn number.

Website update, LD
The website is now fully up and running at
-To date there have been 150 visits including 14 from google searches, 5 from twitter, 1 from The Big Draw and 1 from The Campaign from Drawing
-A tbc email address has been set up to contact people external from the group: All EXTERNAL communications should be sent from this email address via the gmail account.
-The delineation statements will be online by mid-September.

12 pages brief
- TBC members are required to produce a piece of work in 12 minutes, photograph it and upload onto gdocs. Works collated will help create the first issue of 12 pages.

- PM will produce a questionnaire based on what people will produce for the exhibition, preferred spaces, special requests

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