Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Project News: Slice Blog and Artist Update

The Slice project now has a blog where new information about the project will be posted by artists in London and Lahore. To keep up-to-date with Slice news go to:

The full list of participating artists has now been confirmed.

In London:
TBC Artists' Collective, Present Attempt, Jonathan Watkins, Shamim Azad, Lucy Cash, Simon Daw, Matthias Kispert, Steve Rosenthal and Paul Burgess.

In Lahore:
Adnan Mirza, Claire Pamment, Asif Kanji, Fatima Hussain, Ayesha Jatoi, Nida Bangash, Ayesha Kamal, Wajid Al Zahra, Hussain Ayesha, Kamal Khan and Abeerah Zahid.

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