Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Exclusive Preview Images from 12 Pages

Stay tuned to the TBC blog for the latest news on the publication of our magazine 12 Pages, which will be ready for distribution shortly. This edition features specially commissioned new works from TBC artists, who have each created an artwork in 12 minutes.

Featuring new works by Beverley Bennett, Charley Peters, Paul Mendez, Laura Davidson, James Tuitt, Paula Lucido, Liz Oniri, Susanna King, James Jeff Lindley and Philip Weiner.

More information coming soon...

Monday, 30 August 2010

Dialogues with Drawing: John Cage

River Rocks and Smoke No.1 (1990) Watercolour on Smoked Paper

Hayward touring exhibition, Every Day is a Good Day: The Visual Art of John Cage is the first comprehensive survey of Cage's visual works. Already celebrated for the musical notations used for his compositions, Every Day is a Good Day allows the audience to appreciate the prints and drawings Cage produced over a 15 year period at the Crown Point Press in San Francisco and at the Mountain Lake Workshop in Virginia.

Taking inspiration from Zen and the I-Ching, Cage used the same random chance procedures in his drawing practice as he did when composing. He would devise the aesthetic structure of a drawing by taking rocks from a river and numbering them. To define their position on the paper, he would use a computer programme to produce answers to the questions of which rock to use and where to place it. The exhibition itself is hung using such a technique. The curators asked a list of questions to a computerised version of the I-Ching to determine where the works should go within the gallery. The appropriation of this philosophy allows the exhibition to fully compliment Cage's work as one of the most influential composers, writers and artists of the latter half of the 20th Century.

Every Day is a Good Day is at the Baltic, Newcastle until Sept 5 and continues at Kettles Yard, Cambridge 25th Sept - 14th Nov.

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Saturday, 28 August 2010

Previous meeting minutes

Agenda 11.08.10

TBC Delineation and group updates
- TBC is now on Twitter - TBCArtCollectiv@twitter.com
- Delineation is now listed on The Seer website
- Shortly to be listed in the print and web version of New Exhibitions

Delineation events programme AM, EO
- PM had a meeting with AMY TSCHUDIN to discuss the structure of the workshops with the buddy program.
- 3 sessions 2 to take place at the HOSB and 1 at the Crypt
- Sessions to take place from September to December
- 15 buddies to attend the programme
- PM, EO, AM, to curate the workshops. They will liaise via email / meetings
- Buddies to distribute drinks and invigilate the show
- A space to be created in the show to showcase the buddy programme / work
- Future TBC project 12 pages the buddy issue, documentation of the programme, statements to be filmed, etc
- PV invites wishlist

- BB provisionally decided upon a format
- 94 pages, 17 x 23, 7 chapters, contributors, silk finish, 150 gsm, 50+ copies
- Potential chapter to cover areas of the presence in drawing and gesture, language, representation, technology, performance, thinking etc
- General drawing essay
- It was suggested that maybe an outside voice is needed to write a chapter within the catalogue e.g an MA student, PhD student, Davinia Gregory, RCA student?
- Newgate Concise Ltd, 230 x 170mm £900 for 50 and £180 for 10 run-on (ie. £1080 for 60)
The price for an A5 version (210x148mm) is: £620 for 50 and £124 for 10 run-on (ie. £744 for 60) The price will get cheaper per copy if you order over 200 copies. N.B. an isbn is covered via the 12 pages budget not the catalogue
- Extra copies could be distrubuted via the TBC website or Amazon, if we have an isbn number.

Website update, LD
The website is now fully up and running at tbcartistscollective.org.
-To date there have been 150 visits including 14 from google searches, 5 from twitter, 1 from The Big Draw and 1 from The Campaign from Drawing
-A tbc email address has been set up to contact people external from the group: info@tbcartistscollective.org. All EXTERNAL communications should be sent from this email address via the gmail account.
-The delineation statements will be online by mid-September.

12 pages brief
- TBC members are required to produce a piece of work in 12 minutes, photograph it and upload onto gdocs. Works collated will help create the first issue of 12 pages.

- PM will produce a questionnaire based on what people will produce for the exhibition, preferred spaces, special requests