Friday, 10 September 2010

Extract from Drawing#1 curated by Liz Aston

Drawing#1 represents some of the diverse approaches to contemporary drawing in which artists are engaging. No longer limited to the preparatory sketch, contemporary drawing ranges from pencil on paper, to the conceptual, and to the three dimensional. Unlike painting, drawing has never been deemed 'dead' by critics nor artists. By nature it can be direct and intimate and its qualities of immediacy can capture the essence of the moment; it is art that can be produced in a bedroom, an airport lounge, on the bus - all that is required is imagination, creativity and skill.
Colony 6, 2006

Colony 6, 2006
drawing on photograph
86cm x 108cm

Graphite and coloured pencil on inkjet photograph.
Artform: Photography 

John Timberlake's practice is underpinned by the legacies and practices of Conceptual art, using predominantly photography, painting and drawing. Characterised by a critical engagement with Romantic pictorialism, histories and and narratives of landscape, notions of utopia and the sublime, critics have remarked on its schizophrenic qualities and its sense of fragmentation. 'Colony 6' (2006) is part of a series of drawings on photographs which play with contrasts in scale, modernist grids and shifting perspectives.

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John Timberlake will lead a talk about TBC Artists' Collective exhibition Delineation: Contemporary Dialogues with Drawing on Saturday 30 October 2010. 

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