Wednesday, 1 September 2010

TBC Minutes 27 August 2010

Chair: Paul Mendez

Attendees: Beverley Bennett, Laura Davidson, Susannah King, Paula Lucido, Paul Mendez, Elizabeth Oniri, Charley Peters, James Tuitt

Love to Philip Weiner.

1. Announcements


Quintessentially Foundation have graciously agreed to sponsor the exhibition, private view drinks, the workshops, and 12 Pages (at least the first issue) amongst other things. Meetings await with them to negotiate timeframes, how money will be distributed, etc. PL, EO and AM to liaise.

Business cards

We now have TBC Artists’ Collective business cards (thanks LD!) priced at £35 for 200 from Members should still, however, have their own personalised business cards made in time for Delineation (for liaison with potential buyers, etc).

Titles and Roles

It has been decided that core members of the group have business cards made with titles, such as co-director or treasurer, so as to maintain a professional front. Such core members are also identified as such within their email signatures. It is deemed distasteful to assume a title without prior discussion with core members.

However, as TBC becomes a more professional enterprise and NPO with a business bank account, scope for future expansion and for more members to assume CV-boosting executive roles is great.

Website/budget update

338 hits since website launched

Business debit cards have been ordered

Certain funds asked for from Quintessentially will be freed up as money has already been spent out of our

Susi to action Information Packs and research branding


Jeff James Lindley, as installation coordinator, has made himself available on call for the entire duration of the two-day installation period of 25/6 October. He will draw up a timetable of when artists will be in the space to install and control how much time he needs to spend with them.

A date will be set for a final curatorial/installation meeting.

A space in the Crypt has been set aside for more collaborative, discursive work from within the group to be displayed. We will therefore test out our ideas for the Buddy Workshops on ourselves with a making session on September 8.

2. Curatorial Update

Everyone who asked for a space has been given that which they chose. Health and safety and logistics have also been taken into consideration in allocation. Artists showing near each other should engage in dialogue to ensure their works sit well together

‘Drawing Dialogues’ space to be used to explore personal and collaborative relationships with drawing practices. Each artist to think about what sort of works they can show here

Collaborative works to form an important part of this space, forming an ideal talking point for Artist’s Talk

A workshop to test our programme for the Buddies can result in collaborative work for Delineation

Text panels to explain different aspects of the show

Curatorial meeting to be set up to involve JJ Lindley

3. 12-Pages Update

Thank you all for your work

Newspaper Club – 500 tabloid-sized, full-colour, twelve page papers for £500

500 copies can be distributed at galleries, arts events, private views, at the Crypt, and sent as part of the Information Packs to art-world bigwigs, and Wonderland Magazine (following us on Twitter – can approach them with Issue 1 to publish Issue 2 as in insert) and The Big Issue (can publish Buddy Issue as an insert to be handed out at street level)

4. Workshops Update

Paul to contact Amy Tschudin (HoSB) to discuss buddy training, budget release and holding our making session at HoSB on Sep 8

Sep 8 meeting to be split in two parts, half of regular admin to be chaired by Laura, half of workshops to be chaired by Paul, Alex and Liz

5. Blogs Update

Snippets of 12 Minutes exercises to go onto blog

Blog to be an example of processes of TBC artists, for e.g. the Buddies to reference

Rotating blogger every month

Paul to edit blog in September

James to continue push with ArtReview blog

Laura has set up TBC Artists’ Collective Facebook Page

6. Mailing List

A ‘hitlist’ of important art-world/professional contacts to be uploaded to Paula’s Google Docs Excel page. These contacts will form the basis of the mailing list for every forthcoming exhibition/TBC-related event, and will be invited via Deadline 27 September. Quintessentially Art to help with marketing and promotion

Other friends/family contacts to be invited individually

Charley and Bebe to action leaflets and e-flyers

Laura to implement ‘join our mailing list’ option on website

Publicise talk and Buddy Scheme

7. AoB

Allocation of extra/new tasks

Information packs (SK)

Laura to buy glasses

Text panels – Paul/Charley

Press release – Paul/Charley

Name tags/text panels – TBC/Buddies/Dialogues – Liz

Information Packs/Desk

Comment book

Publicise talk

Red sticky dots

Pricing (AGENDA)

Next meeting September 8, 6pm.

Chaired by Paul, Alex, Liz and Laura

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