Sunday, 23 January 2011

Project News: A Message To...

The locations of TBC's 'A Message To...' artworks in Oxford

Yesterday TBC members Beverley Bennett, Charley Peters, Laura Davidson, Paul Mendez and James Tuitt travelled to Oxford to take part in the first stage of a long-term project, 'A Message To'. Each artist made a new artwork in homage to someone linked to Oxford who has contributed to national culture. These works were then installed in various locations across the city, intervening in public spaces. The locations chosen by each artist were as follows:

Beverley Bennett: Blackwells Music store on Broad Street
Charley Peters: Pitt Rivers Museum & Modern Art Oxford
Laura Davidson: A bicycle basket on Parks Road
Paul Mendez: Western Computer store on Broad Street
James Tuitt: Oxford Station

More details about the 'A Message To...' project and the artworks created for it coming soon...

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