Thursday, 22 April 2010

TBC Minutes, Whitechapel Gallery, April 15, 2010

Attendees: Beverley Bennett, Laura Davidson, Susannah King, Paul Mendez, Charley Peters, James Tuitt

At another landmark meeting, we acknowledged the fact that the operating TBC blog, 12-Pages, is not being adequately utilised. It was suggested that it should document minutes for each meeting, review shows that we visit either as a group or as individuals, and be used by individual members to show their work, either finished, or in progress and at a stage to be debated. It will contain a link bar to the other blogs and websites of members, and so all members should submit their web and blog addresses for inclusion. The blog is a fantastic resource for artists as a means to archive and present their work in progress, and encourage debate, which should help improve the work, which, as has been previously expressed, is the core reason for TBC; it should be thought of as an extension to the meetings.

The Blog, Blogazine, Website and Magazine

The magazine will launch to coincide with the exhibition
A website, or ‘blogazine’ can be launched in advance, as a PDF, or to utilise print-on-demand technology, as a precursor to the print version
The blog will serve as an archive for meetings; individual members may post work or links to their own blogs as and when they wish, but with the exhibition just five months away, it is important that we all commit to filling the blog with content – the more we get used to this the more likely we will identify key themes and common interests
The next meeting, TUESDAY 27 APRIL, 6PM, will be used as a blogging session, and a discussion of how the blog can be supplanted by, or work alongside, a website
Think of the blog as an unedited, dynamic archive, and the website as a fixed capsule of TBC philosophy
Indexhibit and Webley to be explored as potential access tools for a website

The Exhibition

Charley graciously prepared information packs for the attendees regarding the space at The Crypt and a list of rules and regulations pertaining to our application for its use. She pointed out that, as a member of AN, she is in reception of Public Liability Insurance, which should cover the building in which she exhibits her work against any unlikely event, and may be something for us all to consider.

It is becoming a pertinent issue that we finalise the number of exhibitors, as we have now been invoiced by the venue. It has been suggested that the fee – of just £350 – should be divided equally between the eight-or-so core members, who attend most meetings and have thus proved themselves committed and reliable.

The exhibition will open to the public on October 27, on the evening of which our Private View will take place, and remain open for five days, with the de-installation on November 1. We have the two days prior in which to install but exhibitors should prepare their work mindful of the fact that the building is listed and very tight hanging restrictions are in place. The space is considerable and does not have to be used in its entirety; certain areas can be cordoned off but the potential volume of exhibitors, amongst other variables, will have to be considered when allocating space.

Jobs have to be delegated, and we are in agreement that only those who are prepared to put in the work will be invited to show. There was a suggestion, which will have to be discussed further, of whether there should be an open call for submissions, to be debated, eliminated and curated by the core members. We have already allocated Saturday 21 August for a curatorial meeting, possibly at the venue, and Friday 27 August as deadline day for submissions, to end with a viewing by the group. Could a member open their studio for this purpose? The final pre-exhibition meeting will take place on 22 October.


Flash advertising – Gagosian gallery, The Big Draw, Frieze Art Fair, Zoo Art Fair (could we exhibit and sell work and prints, tote bags, T-shirts, a TBC 12-Pages calendar for 2011, Stupendous accessories, etc., at Zoo, or on a stall in Brick Lane Market, or somewhere, to raise funds and awareness for the Crypt show?)
Gallery liaison (Bebe and Charley); branding (Jamesy); print liaison (Susi); budget (Laura)
Publicity and marketing needs to commence at least three months in advance of the show; adverts could be placed in AN, Time Out, The Guardian Guide, Frieze, New Exhibitions, Art Rabbit, Art Monthly, Art Review
Thursday 27 May – branding meeting – concepts, marketing, themes, exhibition and magazine content. Everyone should create a proposal of what they feel the exhibition should be, having seen the space
Visit the space during one of their private views
Invigilation, sponsorship, logistics, catering, transportation of works, music and catalogue all need to be discussed

Other issues – future meetings

Tuesday 27 April – blogging session, (venue to be confirmed)
Wednesday 12 May – Guest speaker Louise McKinney, Head of Development at Serpentine Gallery (to be confirmed)
Thursday 27 May – branding meeting. All attendees to submit a proposal for their vision of the exhibition; titles and themes to be discussed in full
Wednesday 15 September – Susi’s graduation show, University of Middlesex

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