Sunday, 16 May 2010

TBC Minutes, House of St. Barnabas, 12 May 2010

Agenda led by Paula Lucido

Attendees: Beverley Bennett, Laura Davidson, Jeff James Lindley, Paula Lucido (c), Alex McIntyre, Paul Mendez, Charley Peters, James Tuitt

Apologies from: Susannah King, Toni Ward, Elizabeth Oniri

Further apologies from Paul, whose faulty recording equipment has resulted in very poor minutes

The first issue on the agenda was the proposed TBC bank account. Finance Manager Laura has created a budget, but the definitive number of exhibitors needs to be finalised before we can proceed. Laura has since found a ‘community’ account with the Cooperative that facilitates Internet and telephone banking, free cheque transfers and counter services at the Post Office. We can also apply for grants from £500-£1000, twice per year, from the customer donation fund.

The next item featured individual proposals for the show. Charley elaborated upon her working title of ‘Delineation’ (definition: describe or portray something precisely) by suggesting we question what drawing means, as an abstract concept, to our own work and within the group, exploring drawing processes within two, three and four dimensions. TBC Project Space – experimental works from within the group; TBC Intervention Space – workshops and plenary sessions with the community; artist and theorist talks. Drawing and gesture; mapping; language; representation; narrative; performance; space; technology; thinking, etc, could become factors for individual and/or collaborative investigation.

The press release has to be dealt with and put out as a matter of priority.

Bebe continued by suggesting we used the next making session to articulate our individual and group proposals and drawing practices. The previous making session implemented traditional drawing materials to respond collaboratively to the meaning of drawing. There should be an emphasis on process, as, beyond painting, drawing, writing or the manipulation of a material, there is a thought process, which we purport to communicate. We hope to engage the community of Camden in different aspects of drawing process to those which the public may be accustomed.

James responded with an aphoristic definition of drawing relative to his own practice, a raw, physical response to one’s environment that predates writing or speech, a somewhat apt assertion in light of the space of the Crypt. He then introduced a series of studies for a TBC logo.

Charley added that we should use the making sessions and discussions via email to eventually sculpt a press release, or statement of group intent for the show.

We are approaching the deadline to submit a press release for the likes of New Exhibitions, The Guardian etc. Provisional branding needs to be married to a solid proposal and sent to relevant parties by the end of June.

9 June – Bring in work plus a personal statement. From this we will develop a press release on the night. We can attend the meeting having engaged in a virtual dialogue to home in on some sort of common ground.

Collaborative drawing practice seems to be the way forward from within the group; it is becoming increasingly unlikely that people will simply turn up to show their own work.

The next item on the agenda was the confirmation of those who will be exhibiting at the show. We established a 16 May deadline for all to confirm their desire to show, and 24 May to pay Laura to secure their place. The Crypt requires our full payment by 31 May. Anyone who has failed to pay by the 24th will be considered uninterested.

Jeff James will work with Philip on installation and Paula has offered to assist in compiling the catalogue. Alex will join Elizabeth on the events team.


Email web links to Alex.

Louise McKinney, Head of Development at the Serpentine Gallery, will be joining us for the next meeting, on 27 May. Venue to be confirmed.

9 June – bring in a piece of work ad a personal proposal, from which to glean a group statement.

15 June – James Tuitt’s graduation show, London Metropolitan University.

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