Saturday, 9 April 2011

12-Pages Issue 5: Pinpoint Introspective

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The works selected for this fifth issue of 12-Pages represent a search amongst the building blocks for a means of expression, from Elizabeth Oniri's visceral studies of the female bone structure affected by osteoporosis, to Laura Davidson's reading of a work by Scottish poet George Bruce, that locates a child's learning facility, not only in what is inherited, but in the unique recognition of a dialogue between the written and the spoken word.

In a world in which we are forced to process volumes of information far beyond the scope of any computer, by placing the minutiae of our being under a microscope, we are forced to constantly recontextualise anew, always creating new lines of creative investigation.

Contributors: Beverley Bennett, Toby Cisneros, Laura Davidson, Paul Mendez, Elizabeth Oniri, Charley Peters, Aman Sagoo and James Tuitt.

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